XLS to VCF Converter to Export Excel to vCard!

XLS to VCF converter software is developed by us. The Software is also known as Excel to vCard Converter. This software is the need of many people as lots of persons in their professional life get lots of visiting card in their routine and managing all these visiting card is very difficult especially when user have to send emails to all these contacts. So We developed a Excel to vCard Converter which helps to convert all contacts from excel to vCard which is supported by all the email client application.

XLS to VCF converter software can convert all types of excel to the vCard Format. This Software has lots of features which a user can use to manipulate the vCard file. Some of the main features of the XLS to VCF converter are:-

  • vCard file save in a folder with reference of date and time.
  • Allow user to convert all types of XLS to VCF.
  • Mapping can be done between the XLS file and VCF file.
  • One board to handle the software.
  • vCard file will be saving to the customer wanted place in Machine.
  • See the preview of the uploaded excel.

Download Demo Version to Export Excel File to vCard

Download the trial version of XLS to VCF converter software and see how this XLS to VCF converter works and convert XLS file to the vCard fiformat. Furthermore, if you want to convert excel file to vCard file format on a very big level then you can take a personal key of XLS to vCard converter only in $29 or you can purchase a business key only in $99.

Excel to vCard converter software is one of the best tool developed by our development group. This software is designed epically for the end users so that everyone can convert excel XLSX and XLS file to the vCard file format and use it on different type of devices like mobile phones and on various email clients as well. This XLS to VCF converter helps you take the access of your contacts on any type of devices, mobile phone or email clients and many operating systems which support vCard file format.